Our cause

All profits from the Kiwi Firefighters calendar are proudly donated to the Movember charity. Read more about the good work they do.

What is Movember?

Movember fund many men’s health programmes around the world including the Whanaungatanga programme in New Zealand designed to help improve firefighter mental wellbeing.

The good work they do

  • Mental health
    Movember looks at mental health through a male lens, focusing on prevention, early intervention and health promotion.
  • Prostate cancer
    Movember have spent years immersed in prostate cancer research, and in that time, pushed progress forward 50 years
  • Testicular cancer
    Movember provide support, education, and research funding for Testicular cancer.
A note from

Robert Dunne

Movember New Zealand Country Manager

This project is one where Movember and the Kiwi Firefighters Calendar have shared values on the importance of physical activity as a mental health tool and acknowledge that for at-risk groups like first responders we must have targeted programmes.

VETERANS AND FIRST REPONDERS MENTAL HEALTH GRANT PROGRAMME The Whanaungatanga Programme is one of 15 global projects funded by Movember. The programme focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of veterans, first responders and their families.

It aims to identify organisational changes that promote connection, trust and a strong sense of value and belonging; traits dear to Frontline Personnel. The programme identifies, minimises or reduces organisational factors contributing to staff psychological distress.

The word “Whanaungatanga” comes from the Māori language and partly translates to the close connection between people.